Mixtape #1: Future Vision

The little poll on the right has clearly shown that the demand for hardcore is still the highest, despite the fact that I haven't posted anything that sounds like it for the past 6 months or so... Which should tell me a lot. So, after some weeks of not knowing what to post, I finally came up with an original, in my opinion, idea : a mix. Shit, what an amazing idea, right - but wait! It's not going to be your stupid, run-of-the-amateur-dj mix - why? Because it will contain all the genres of music I listen to, or otherwise stated, the product of 11 years of discovering sounds and cultures, all connected by a single thread; that paranoid esoteric urge to compose and create. Sure, whatever.

Creating the mix took me more than 5 hours but I think it was worth it. Moving on, what you get in this mix is 80's and modern hardcore punk, crust, power violence, emo, grindcore, sludge, metalcore... but also house, electroclash, techno and blasting electro. Okay, I left many other genres off, but I tried really hard to make this actually listenable. I don't really care about the genres - for me it's just different beats and sounds accomodated to be heard. Hell, I even attempted to mix some of the songs together, like real DJs do! Although I have to admit it's the very first time I do this using a program and no analog equipment. I think it tourned out OK. The mix is pretty mediocre, but that's allright since I've also included the unmixed songs as well.

Still, I'd be very happy to know what you think of this little experiment and if you would like me to post more like this.

Here's the track list:

1. Blues - Tucson
2. Maximillian Colby - New Jello
3. Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels - Ibiza [Featuring Tamara Huber] [Thomas Gold & Francesco Diaz Club Mix]
4. Iron Lung - Pathoclast
5. Thomas Gold, Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels - Open Sesame [Radio Mix]
6. Tank - Fin-Faim (Moi, Surmoi, Ca)
7. Kee Mo & Tim Royko - Beautiful Lie [Featuring Cosmo Klein] [PhonJaxx RMX]
8. Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus - White Trash Whore
9. Funkerman - Speed Up [Featuring I/Fan] [Tune Brothers RMX] [Edit]
10. Krakdown - Blinded
11. Trainwreck - Living Like The Living Dead
12. Public Enemy Vs. Ferry Corsten - Bring The Noise [Ferry Corsten RMX] [Radio Edit]
13. Comadre - Grow Worms
14. Starkillers - Killer [Mac Zimms RMX] [Edit]
15. A Thin Line Fading - I Won't Follow
16. Erick Morillo - Dance I Said [Featuring P. Diddy] [Touché Vocal Mix]
17. Ordination Of Aaron - Counter
18. Corkscrew - Elbow [Original]
19. Irate - NY Metal
20. Sander Kleinenberg - This Is Our Night [Original Mix]
21. The Jan-Michael Vincent Car Crash - North London Book Of The Dead
22. Drama Society - Crying Hero

Download. (192 kbps, 234 MB)

Albino Allstars - Grindhouse / Needles

People often ask me why I don't listen to hardcore punk anymore. This is why.

Albino Allstars is a nuskool breakbeat production trio. They're Andy 'Koma' Duckmanton, Chris 'Bones' Kirkbride, and Jude 'Proteus' Sebastian, who also produce as Koma & Bones and have released several bootleg remixes over the years as X-Men. What they give us on this little web release on Burrito Digital is "Grindhouse," a raw and shiny breakbeat monster and "Needles," a funky breakbeat tune with a touch of electro, which (I think) samples Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust."

In my opinion, with this release Albino Allstars transcended anger. Their music is loud, it's twisted and it's repetitive, and more importantly, it's pissed. You'll find the aversion for whatever it is that you hate in "Grindhouse" - it is so sincerely and profoundly furious. Every time I listen to it I picture a wooden plank hitting some guy's face and then smashing into pieces. Just give that fucker a listen. They made something so huge out of those shitty guitar sounds.

"Needles" on the other hand is a bit more conventional. Perhaps a bit more melodic and accessible - it would probably sound great in a club. However, compared to "Grindhouse," it's just a good song. Which in essence equates to nothing. Don't get me wrong, it's better than 90% of all modern electro and breakbeat, but it just lacks that immerse power that makes "Grindhouse" an instant classic. Overall, this just rules.

I strongly suggest that you play this on your stereo.

Albino Allstars - Grindhouse / Needles Web Release (BURRD004)

Ps. If you're into this, you should check Koma & Bones' new single "Morpheus."

Ten And Two

Ten and Two are one of the few contemporary punk bands whose music is "doric." And by that I mean that it's structured, rigid and effective without being delineated (lacking depth). And in my opinion, that's the catch; it's simple. Perhaps a little nostalgic too. So yeah, if you're into aggressive 1990's-inspired hardcore you're definitely going to enjoy Ten and Two as much as I do.

The .rar file below probably includes everything they have recorded in the 4-year period they played music. Perhaps they'll start again eventually. 28 songs in total - including their first demo and unreleased/unedited songs. Enjoy. M

Ten And Two - Everything

Ps. The best band of the 1980's now has a myspace and a facebook page. And their second recording is even better than the demo one.